Home care

UAB “Mano šeimos gydytojas” provides ambulatory nursing services at home (ASPN)

When dealing with the care of a family member or loved one for the first time, there is a good chance that you may feel like you are in an unfamiliar environment. It can cause anxiety, confusion and uncertainty. It often feels like your own social life is on hold because a loved one’s medical condition requires constant care. In such cases, we invite you to consult with specialists.

The UAB “Mano šeimos gydytojas” TEAM OF AMBULATORY NURSING SERVICES IN THE HOME provides professional nursing solutions and systematic information about organizations providing nursing and social assistance. A loved one who has the necessary knowledge about nursing, its process and the proper use of nursing equipment, can not only take care of the person being cared for, but also preserve their well-being, remain socially active, and avoid loneliness and isolation.

Ambulatory home nursing services are licensed personal health care services provided at the patient’s (except for patients who live in social care facilities with a general practice nursing license) residence in order to ensure continuity of nursing services, meet the patient’s nursing needs in the home environment, and promote patient self-care.

Outpatient nursing services are provided by a team of specialists:

  • Nurse – according to the doctor’s appointment, performs injections, lasso connection, maintenance and lasso infusion with a catheter; takes blood, urine, etc. for laboratory tests; performs electrocardiogram, wound care, prevention and care of bedsores, care of artificial body openings (stoma care), measures blood pressure, pulse, etc.
  • Nurse’s assistant – performs prevention of bedsores, ensures personal hygiene needs (bathes or helps the patient to bathe, takes care of nails, changes diapers, drips, cares for the oral cavity, etc.), according to the nurse’s appointment, manages the patient’s secretions and secretions (changes urine collectors, helps the patient use the toilet seat, etc.) etc.
  • Kinesitherapist – based on the patient’s health condition, assesses and treats disorders of muscle, joint and nerve function. A physical therapist can specifically help facilitate movement and function, reduce pain, and increase the range of motion. A physical therapist also teaches and helps to adapt and compensate for functions lost due to illness or injury.
  • Social worker – coordinates the provision of ambulatory nursing services at home, advises on issues of social assistance, support, technical assistance and refers to institutions providing social services.

Outpatient care services at home can be received by the patients of UAB “Mano šeimos gydytojas”:

  • for whom the family doctor’s nurse determines a low, medium or high need for ASPN based on the Nursing Service Need Assessment Questionnaire
  • who, after day surgery services, remain impaired in their ability to independently take care of their personal lives and require post-operative care at home
  • elderly patients who, due to their health condition and chronic diseases, have lost independence and mobility and need the constant help of other persons, when the Barthel index determined by the family doctor is up to 61 points
  • patients who, after inpatient treatment due to somatic diseases and injuries, have been diagnosed with a general functional disorder, when their Barthel index is up to 61 points
  • patients who have undergone a tracheostomy or gastrostomy and require suctioning of mucus from the respiratory tract

Outpatient care services at home are provided free of charge to patients, they are financed by the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund, after the family doctor issues a referral (form 027a) to receive the ASPN service.

ASPN team maximum number of visits per calendar year:

52 visits per year to one ASPN recipient with a low need for nursing services;
156 visits per year to one ASPN recipient with an average need for nursing services;
260 visits per year to one ASPN recipient who is identified as having a high need for nursing services.

For ASPN, please contact:
Social worker – coordinator Gražina Laurinaitienė
Phone 860847489, email: grazina.laurinaitiene@manoseimosgydytojas.lt