“My family doctor” is the first private family clinic in Klaipėda, established in 2000. in February, after winning the PHARE project, which supported the creation of private family doctor centers. Now we have 5 family clinics located in various districts of Klaipėda city. Fifteen family doctors who have completed a family medicine residency at Vilnius and Kaunas Medical Universities are currently working here.

The institution is ready to maintain not only the true principles of the primary healthcare model but also to become an exemplary training and activity base for general practitioners since 2014. We have also been providing dental services since 2016. We have opened the Child Development Early Rehabilitation Center in 2019. We have started providing nursing at home services and opened a mental health center in 2021.

Philosophy of activity

Monitor the health of residents of all ages. Advise them on any health issue, and doctors and nurses, working as a team, are ready to help their patients as they are qualified and dedicated professionals. Adhering to the fundamental principle of primary healthcare – to become first contact specialists, they advise not only on diagnostics and treatment, but also on disease prevention, healthy lifestyle, and nutrition issues. If they cannot solve the problem according to their competence they send patients to consult a specialist doctor.



To create benefits for society through the provision of comprehensive primary healthcare.


To become an exemplary primary personal health care institution in Klaipėda, providing the highest quality personal care services.